E-Mail Series

The Ultimate Guide to School Lunches – $35

Learn How To:

  • Introduce the concept and importance of the division of responsibility
  • Develop goals for the important nutrients within your school lunches
  • Create a Fool Proof Plan for making an awesome lunch
  • Involve your child in the prep, packing, and assembly of their school lunch
  • Ditch the pressure (at school & home) or expectations on your child

The Ultimate Guide to School Lunches Includes:

1: The Ultimate Nut-Free Lunch Ideas
2: How to Build the Perfect Sandwich
3: Complete 31 Day Lunch Guide
4: Complete Shopping List for Your First 5 Days
5: Non-Sandwich Ideas
6: 30 Can’t Miss Snacks
7: 20+ Make Your Own Recipes

Starting Solids E-Mail Series – Free

Learn How To:

  • Feed your baby based on their individual abilities
  • Identify the various ways to feed your baby
  • Be responsive to their feeding cues (hunger & fullness)
  • Challenge their skills for healthy development
  • Choose foods based on the nutrients to support growth & development

Starting Solids E-Mail Series Includes:

1: Why We Start Solids & Ways of Feeding
2: When to Start Offering Food & Signs of Readiness
3: Which Foods to Offer
4: Gagging versus Choking
5: How to Feed Your Baby
6: Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting