Sensory Food Play for Infants – Getting Messy!

Did you know that introducing solid food is not only important for your baby’s nutritional needs but also for their physical development?

Your child learns about food through their food experience. They learn by feeding themself (self-feeding) and using their five (5) senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. Sensory food play is one helpful way for your child to learn how to be more adventurous with food.

It’s time to allow older infants to play with their food! One strategy to promote sensory food play outside of meals is to set up a food exploration station.

Steph over at Modern Parents Messy Kids has a great site for ideas for creating sensory food activities.

The process of feeding, eating and sensory food play will get messy and this should be encouraged!

To make dealing with the mess easier look for household items that can help to control the mess. One helpful tip is putting a plastic computer mat, shower curtain or cotton tablecloth underneath the high chair that you can wipe down quickly or throw directly into the wash. There are also bibs that you can buy that are long sleeved and placemats with a tray. Keeping some wash cloths, your vacuum and/or broom close by can also help make the clean up easier.

Food is FUN!

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